Redemption Kids

Mission and Vision

What would happen if children began learning about the greatness of God at an early age? What if they began to recognize in concrete ways how God relates to absolutely everything in life? Imagine if they not only learned about God’s great love for them in Jesus Christ but also began to embrace it with all their hearts? Imagine the impact if week in and week out they were taught by people who loved God and treasured His word?

We want kids at Redemption Hill to have this kind of story.

Redemption Kids exists to equip, support, and encourage parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to train their children in the things of God. We also believe that within the church God has empowered gifted teachers, storytellers, worship leaders, and small group leaders for ministry to children. Therefore, we desire to partner with parents to impart God-centered, age-appropriate, faith-building truth from the Bible. We believe that we can pursue this aim in a way that will still be fun for the kids. 

Sunday Experience 

On Sunday mornings during our worship service children get to experience Transformation Station. We want Transformation Station to be an exceptional place for your child’s growth and a place where parents feel confident and secure leaving their children. All of our leaders been carefully screened, properly trained for the specific age they lead, and are committed to the safety of your children. Please read our Child Protection Policy for more information. 

Transformation Station has three stations: Bus Station (Babies : birth - 23 months), Subway Station (Preschoolers: 2 - Kindergarten), and Commuter Station (Elementary: 1st - 5th grade). During this time your children will have fun learning about who God is and what God has done, singing songs, praying short prayers, and enjoying creative and age-appropriate activities to reinforce biblical truth. With each progression in Station comes advancement in structure and content of the class with the hope that as the oldest group proceeds from Transformation Station into the worship service, they are as prepared as can be for the transition of worshipping God with their families.   

Upon arriving, parents can stop at the Transformation Station check-in table and fill out a nametag and Child Information Sheet for their child, and then parents can escort them to their Station. We typically encourage all preschoolers (two years and up) to start out in the worship service with their parents, then parents can escort them to Transformation Station at the suggested time in the service. On the other hand, if you would rather drop your two or three year old off at the beginning of the service, we will have teachers in the Subway Station to care for them. Our classes are open for drop-off starting at 10:15 AM. 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Jon Chasteen.

Community Groups 

We have community groups that meet throughout the week and these are designed for the entire family. We would love for you to attend a community group and to bring your children along with you. While we have given each community group the flexibility to determine how to best serve children during this time, most groups have volunteers who work directly with the children throughout the night teaching them the Bible, singing songs, and memorizing Scripture. For more information on how a specific group serves kids, please contact the respective community group leader.