Community Group Interest Survey

Posted by Tanner Turley on

Are you a regular part of Redemption Hill Church? If so, are you connected with a Community Group? Community Groups are essential to the life of our church. They serve as the place where community (one of our core values) happens at a deeper level. Community Groups serve as the primary context where relationships are formed and grow, where people are encouraged and challenged in their pursuit of God, and where we fulfill the "one another" commands of Scripture (e.g. love, serve, pray for one another, etc.). It is our desire that every member or regular attender would eventually get involved in a Community Group. 

As Redemption Hill grows, so does the need to multiply our Community Groups! We will be launching new groups in the Fall and need your help as we plan.  We need everyone to take two minutes to fill out our Community Group Interest Survey. Thanks for helping us to better serve you!

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