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One of my missions professors in seminary (David Sills) says this: "If you ever want to humble a person, ask them about their prayer life." His statement rings true, doesn't it? If someone were to ask you about your devotion to God in prayer (Acts 2:42; Rom. 12:12), would you be humbled? I hate to admit that far too often, I am slack when it comes to consistent, earnest, and believing prayer. Challenging books, sermons, and other resources have often been a catalyst for my prayer life. Here are a few recommendations to fan the flame of your prayers.

  1. The Book of Acts - Yes, I started with the Bible. It's a good place to start (and stay for that matter). When you find yourself making infrequent trips to the throne of grace, pick up the Word of God and read Acts. There you will discover how God's Spirit works through the prayers of God's people.
  2. The Life and Diary of David Brainerd - If you want to get hammered (as in convicted) and elevated (as in inspired), read biographies, autobiographies, and journals by great missionaries, pastors, and church leaders throughout church history. Brainerd provides one of the best examples of what devoted, earnest, reflective, hell-attacking, prayer-warrioring, spiritual prayer can and should look like. I whole-heartedly recommend the version in the link with the biographical sketch (including his resolutions) of Jonathan Edwards, or you can read online without the sketch of Edwards here.
  3. Practical Prayer - This is a short, instructive, and practical read by Derek Prime. He answers many questions that we ask about prayer. Plus, multiple copies are on sell at for under a dime!
  4. "Be Devoted to Prayer" - One of the best and most practical sermons I've heard on the topic of prayer by John Piper. I would add here that Piper's chapter on prayer in Let the Nations Be Glad is a must read. Many times we reduce prayer to our spiritual growth and by doing so tacitly omit a key phrase in the Lord's prayer, "your kingdom come." 
  5. "Declension in Prayer" - This is a chapter out of a book by one of my mentors who died in 1878. Octavius Winslow knew how to apply doctrine to life, and he does so in these reflections on prayer.
  6. With Christ in the School of Prayer - A classic by Andrew Murray that I read after my junior year in college. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, but should provide plenty of soul-stirring and practical instruction for our prayer lives. Let's pray that God would make us devoted to prayer and give us great faith in the power of prayer. Redemption Hill will not be a great church apart from the power of prayer.

What resources have you found helpful for your prayer life?

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