RHC 2013 Vision

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Daniel Burnham, one of America's great architects, once said: "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will themselves not be realized." Take that in. Little plans do not inspire. Little plans are probably not worth following. Conversely, a great and God-sized vision will motivate us to be a part of something immensely greater than ourselves.   

We believe God has given us a compelling vision for 2013. If you missed Sunday's sermon, please listen and join the rest of us in praying through how you can own the mission of RHC this year. What commitments will you make to see it realized? How does God want to work in your life this year? There is no limit to waht God might choose to do in our church this year! Let's love deeply, serve intentionally, give sacrificially, and spread rapidly. 


  • Become Increasingly Dependent on the Spirit through the Word and Prayer.
  • Grow Deeper in our Pursuit of God & Holiness through Gospel-motivated Obedience.
  • Grow Wider in Corporate Worship with a High Attendance of 175 by April and 225 by the end of 2013.
  • See Multiple Friends Brought Each Sunday with People Practicing the “Ministry of the Chair.”
  • Launch Formal, Free Counseling Ministry for RHC & the Community.

What is one specific commitment you will make to own this GOSPEL vision in 2013?


  • Live as Gospel Family.
  • Move Attenders to Members (80 members by end of 2013).
  • Strengthen & Multiply Community Groups (10 by end of 2013).
  • Become More of a Thumbprint of the Diversity of Medford & Greater Boston.
  • Add Affinity Based Ministries for Fellowship & Connecting Pathways.
  • Establish Deacon Ministry and Add Elders as Needed.

What is one specific commitment you will make to own this vision for COMMUNITY in 2013? 


  • Make Disciples who Make Disciples Through our Discipleship Strategy (25 New Baptized Followers of Christ).
  • Exercise Great Generosity with Our Time, Talents, and Treasure.
  • Equip and Multiply Leaders for Ministry Responsibility.
  • Strengthen our Serve Efforts to Medford and Greater Boston.                       
  • Establish Benevolence Ministry.
  • Begin Supporting Specific North American & International Efforts. 

What is one specific commitment you will make to own this MISSIONAL vision in 2013?

How will we OWN THE MISSION?             

Love Deeply.   Serve Intentionally.   Give Sacrificially.   Spread Rapidly.


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