RHC Serve Toronto: Day One

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1) What has our day looked like?

Connecting with Trinity Life and the City

Our team had a great day connecting with our Trinity Life Church family and connecting with people in the city. We started off the day by meeting up with Trinity Life staff, including the church's co-pastors, Mike and Daniel. After spending some time playing some "Canadian" Trivia, worshiping, and catching the church's vision for Toronto, we had the opportunity to go around the area where the church meets for worship (Toronto Boys and Girls Club!) and engage and invite people to church on Sunday. Later on in the day we continued to connect with people in the city of Toronto by helping out with a city campaign called "Big City, Big Questions". The campaign is run by members at Trinity Life and it's focus is on capturing Toronto's diverse philosophies on the "Big" questions in life. Please continue to pray for the people we meet and the conversations we have as we continue to seek opportunities to share the Gospel and connect people to Trinity Life.

2) How have we seen God at work?

God of the Nations

The Lord's goodness and mercy followed our team throughout our 2nd day in Toronto. He began the day by unifying us, with the help of our friends at Trinity Life, through worship, prayer, and the reading of His Word. He then provided us with courage and opportunities to connect with people, especially as we helped out our friends with their "Big City, Big Questions" campaign. We also had several Gospel conversations throughout our day! We were all encouraged to see how God is working in people's hearts here in Toronto. Our God is certainly a God of the Nations!

3) Personal Highlight

Overcoming Fear

As someone who battles with fear, especially in sharing the Gospel with others, I was grateful for the opportunity to help with the "Big City, Big Questions" campaign. I was part of the team that asked people to come participate in a short video being produced by the campaign. A large part of my fear in sharing the Gospel with others is the fear of feeling rejected. God graciously eased me into experiencing rejection by allowing me to participate in this relatively "non-threatening" exercise in asking people to be part of campaign's video. By the end of our time, my fears had been overcome in such a way that I even had the confidence to share the Gospel with someone! What at an example of our God's willingness and ability to overcome our fears! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Angel Garcia