RHC Serve Toronto: Day Three

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1) What has your day looked like?

Explore Toronto
After a few days of hard work, we were able to explore Toronto today. We began the day by walking around “the distillery.” This area has a lot of shops and places to eat. I ate a sausage roll from one of the local spots and it was delicious! Then we went by the water, ate lunch, and studied 1 Thessalonians 2 and 3 together. It was a sweet time of studying the Word as a group and enjoying Lake Ontario. Next, we went to St. Lawrence (neighborhood of Toronto) and walked around the local market. The market was really similar to Quincy Market, it had a lot souvenir shops and places to eat. We walked by the Hockey Hall of Fame and then grabbed a bite to eat at “The Works.” This is Canada’s version of the Boston Burger Company. After supper, we went to Daniel’s (lead pastor of TLC) house to load up all the carnival games into the truck for Sunday in the Park tomorrow. We finished off the day with some gelato from a place near the hotel. It was a great day of experiencing Toronto, continuing to build relationships amongst the team, studying the Word together, and resting up for the busy day ahead.

2) How have you seen God at work?

God has provided many opportunities for our group to share the gospel with people here in Toronto. I am continually humbled that God uses us despite our sinful nature. Praise God for his abundant grace! It has been awesome to see how God has grown each of us in evangelism just on this trip. Please labor with us and plead for salvation for the following people: Tim, Thomas, Kenneth, Chi, George, Adam, Susie, Marlene, Dennis, Alupe, Edwin, Stephanie, and Fred. Pray that our team would continue to live on mission upon returning home to Medford.

3) What has been a highlight for you?

Trinity Life 
I have really enjoyed getting to know Daniel Yang and Mike Seaman (Trinity Life Church pastors). We have even been able to get to know some of the members of TLC: Adam, Bruce, Simon, and Steven. While we were eating at “Sky Dragon” in Chinatown the other night, I was able to have some good conversation with Daniel. I was able hear a few ways God has been working in and through Trinity Life, learn about the demographics of TLC, how they are raising up leaders, and catch some vision of where they are going as a church. It has been really cool to meet these guys after praying for them for months. I am looking forward to sharing more specific ways Redemption Hill can pray and support Trinity Life so the gospel can go forth throughout the world!

Jonathan Mitchell