RHC Serve Toronto: Day Two

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1) What has our day looked like?

Preparing for Sunday in the Park
Compared to yesterday, our day was much more relaxed - something for which we were all thankful! We spent most of the day hanging at Daniel Yang's home - debriefing on our time in the city yesterday, reflecting on the spiritual climate of Toronto, and hearing more about and preparing for Sunday in the Park. Sunday in the Park is a community block party sponsored by the city of Toronto (think Community Fun Night, but bigger). Trinity Life Church is playing a huge part in Sunday in the Park by providing volunteers for set up, tear down, and running carnival games. We then spent much of our late morning and afternoon finishing up the carnival games - lots of paint, laughter, and great convo with Daniel and our own team members!

2) How have you seen God at work?

First Thessalonians
As a team, we have been working our way through the book of I Thessalonians. It has been encouraging to read about how the church at Thessalonica (people who heard the gospel message from Paul and Silas and turned away from idols and towards Christ) multiplied and grew, spreading the good news not only in their immediate community but everywhere (I Thessalonians 1:8). Our team seems to have really captured a vision for seeing the gospel message spread throughout the world. Through our time in the word and time engaging with Trinity Life and Toronto, it is evident that the Lord has been at work in our hearts during the SENT sermon series and our Evangelism Huddles, placing a burden to see the lost come to Christ! Be praying for gospel seeds to be planted as we continue to engage the people of Toronto!

3) What has been a personal highlight?

Coffee Shops
I love coffee, and thankfully there are others on the team who also love coffee. :) Today was a day of trying new coffee shops. Started the day with a little toasted coconut from Timothy's - pretty good. Had a midday iced chai latte (with almond milk!) from a local coffee shop, Tango, in Daniel's neighborhood - such a cool place and a pretty delicious Chai. The icing on the cake, however, was this evening's trip to Dark Horse. The best latte ever. Seriously. The baristas were super friendly and were even willing to jump in a selfie with Abbey and I. Toronto, I love your coffee shops and am looking forward to trying a few more before I leave!

Thank you for your continued prayers for our time!

Emma Lombard