Service Cancelled!

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Redemption Hill: 

Wow! Nemo hammered us. It reminds me of God's question to Job: "Have you ever entered the storehouses of snow . . .?" (Job 38:22). That said, our service for tomorrow has been cancelled. Springstep is not planning to open the building for a couple of days as the city continues to dig itself out. West Medford CG is also cancelled for tomorrow. 

Here are a few encouragements:

1) Use this as an opportunity to meet and serve your neighbors. Grab a shovel or a sled and be missional! 

2) If you don't want to wait to catch up on giving, feel free to mail in a check (P.O. Box 482, Medford, MA 02155) or use online giving

3) Don't miss these important announcements:

  • College Lunch is still on starting at noon! Walk down to the Lees to enjoy lunch and some sledding together afterwards. Bring your snow gear and sled! 

  • Marriage Conference is this weekend! You can still register. We have several going from RHC and Micah will be leading worship for the conference. 

  • Don't forget the Singleness and Dating Event on Feb. 23rd (1-5pm @ Hope Fellowship in Cambridge).

  • Please make plans to attend our next Connections Class on Feb. 24, 5:00-8:30. We can't wait to add many new members, soRSVP soon!

Enjoy your weekend, stay warm, and we'll look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday! 

Tanner and the RHC Leadership Team